About Epirus Greece 

About Epirus Greece

Epirus Greece  Also in Facebook conducts marketing activities carried out both by locals in Greece and by external parties, by motivating action for marketing activities in the field of tourism, to the district of Epirus. Our goal is to expose Epirus, to tourism both by Greeks and by tourists from all over the world. We support marketing processes that will lead to the exposure of Epirus to tourism.

We support locals who set up websites and other platforms to promote Epirus as well as professionals and journalists from around the world who write about Epirus.

Greece & The islands [ISRAEL]

all tourism from Israel to the district of Epirus in the last 8 years was done by our work in collaboration with Sivan Zamir from Greece & The islands [ israel ]  In collaboration with Zagori Excellence Network [ Greece ] Through this collaboration we promoted hundreds of content on Epirus in the largest tourist site in Israel on Greece, we produced video content, we held professional tours for journalists and media in Israel and more..

During the Corona crisis, we started building a marketing strategy to promote tourism from several other countries including: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, the United States, Spain.

Financing: Some of the marketing activities we carry out are funded by hotels in Epirus, another part by the governor of Epirus but mainly we are fed by donations, both from different business owners in the district and from various supporters around the world. These donations help us carry out a wide range of marketing and branding activities.

Some of our supporters : Grand forest Metsovo, AplineZone, Greece & The Islands, Aristi Mountain Resort, Anavasi Mountain Resort, Orizontes Tzoumerkon Resort, Mikro papigo 1700, Epirus Region And more..

For financial support : Any amount is welcome

Bank name : discount
Bank code : 147
Bank country : israel
Benificiary name : sivan zamir
Account  : 5389811
IBAN code : IL410111470000005389811

To advertise a hotel [which also contributes to promotion], please contact us by email: Greece.isl@gmail.com

We will issue an invoice for the donation, for details Greece.isl@gmal.com